Liberated Baking, Gluten Free

A word about ingredients:

We all want to know that the stuff that is in our food is actually that: food. Not chemicals, not preservatives. Just basic ingredients.

To that end, we are fairly choosy about what goes into the products we make. We elect not to make pastries with sugar substitutes. No hydrogenated fats are used here. You won't find a vat of high fructose corn syrup in our kitchen. Nope. Food. Just food.

Our applesauce has two ingredients: apples and water. We make our own icings and salad dressings. Our lettuce comes off a head of lettuce, not out of a bag. Why? Because if we make it, it doesn't need preservatives and we prefer the taste of fresh products.

The soups are made here, from scratch, and not kept in a warmer until it isn't even recognizable anymore. No mushy broccoli. No pasty cream soups.

Milk and Butter.  No RBST. Don't have to worry about what that “safe” synthetic cow hormone is doing in your body.

Corn. We don't use much corn here, but it is in some of our stuff.  Need something that is corn free? Ask us. We know what is in our products. (And we can pronounce most of them! Xanthan is a hard word to say some days)

Soy. Soy in the USA is usually from a GMO. We don't use soy flour. It tiptoes it's way in through the baking chips in the form of soy lecithin, but if you need to avoid soy, we've got plenty that fits that bill.

Sugar. We use cane sugar. Why cane sugar? It tastes and performs better than beet sugar and is not costly like some “alternative” forms of sugar. Gluten free flours are already expensive, so we don't want to add to it by using costly sugars. Sometimes we use agave if we are trying to avoid corn syrup, but in general, cane sugar is our fallback.

Meats. Thumanns provides our certified gluten free deli meats and cheeses. We buy their natural line so there aren't any gasses to keep the color. So if your roast beef isn't pink, it's ok. It just hasn't been treated to keep it unnaturally pink. Other meats come from our local butcher. Yep. A real butcher shop, just like your grandpa talks about.

We list the ingredients on the labels in our case because we have nothing to hide and you need to know. We understand that if you have a food allergy, you probably have multiple food allergies. We try to make the selection of your pastry an easier process.

And while we are talking ingredients, let's touch on price. It is not cheap to eat gluten free. We live in a society where some foods are subsidized by our government. Wheat and corn are two of those foods. When you cut those two staple items out, it makes the raw flours much more expensive because we haven't paid a portion of the cost with our tax dollars. And xanthan gum...have you priced this lately? I'm convinced they cut it with gold...or something else that is white, powdery, and really expensive.

Produce. We like local produce as much as the next Oregonian. If we could get it year round, we would. Can't wait for the farmers markets to open so we can support our local farmers and get the freshest produce available. Yes, we hug farmers. You should too.

So that's our two cents on ingredients. We can taste the difference and we think you will too.